elementTIME release – 9.2 Expected Hours

Version 9.2 (includes patches 9.2.1 to 9.2.4) Release to staging: 01/09/2020 Release to production: 15/09/2020 Summary of changes This version includes enhancements of process queues to improve the speed of calculations and loading time of certain tasks like approving...

elementTIME release – 9.0 – minutes not decimal

Version 9.0001 to 9.0004 Release to staging: 25/06/2020 Release to production: 03/07/2020 Summary of changes Most of 9.00 involves changes you will never know to assist in upcoming functionality but there are a few things you might notice. We have reworked the...

elementTIME release 8.13 – terminate user

Version 8.13.0001 to 0005 Release production date: 10/06/2020 Relevance: All users Summary of changes Get ready for getting your socks knocked off - okay maybe not quite your socks but in this release, you get a whole lot of changes to help manage staff including...

Version Release 8.12b1 – Little things for Christmas

Release: 8.12b1 Release production date: 24/12/2019 8.12b is a second part release that contains changes to timesheet approval flow and some other small changes prior to the main release of version 8.12. Highlights of this release include: Lots of little nice things...

elementTIME version 8.12 – You make the rules

8.12 of elementTIME is a major release with functionality released over the month of August 2019 to reduce the amount of change on users. Functionality includes new leave banks, employee custom notification manager, employee service history, fully conditional...

elementTIME version 8.11 – Business Intelligence

8.11 contains changes to user management, dashboards, improved display and view settings and changes to assigning activity codes.   Highlights of this release include: Changes to user details New schedule filters More control over display changes Create a user...

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