Use your time for great things.

elementTIME is the smart Council specific Time, Attendance and Roster system that integrates directly to existing systems, including ERP and EDRMS platforms elementTIME – Designed with Local Government for Local Government.

Trusted by Councils across Australia and New Zealand

Give your staff back their time.

Smart and intuitive online timesheets designed specifically for local government complexities – easy to use on any device, anytime, clean and simple.

Backed with workflows, automation, and notifications to ensure you can set things up to work the way you want how you want.

Leave behind the guess work.

Online leave, TOIL, Rostered Time Off and overtime – relevant, automated and accurate with fully configurable rules and notifications.

Change the way your organisation does IT.

Forget about long implementation, endless training and expensive consulting. Use software that just works (and looks great as well).

Start working pain free.

Packed full of smarts – like SMS reminders, Single Sign On, Automated leave calendar syncing with Google and Outlook, real time FTE counts, excess time management and more. Don’t waste your time with work arounds, enjoy your time with smart functionality that makes your life easy.

Let elementTIME make you and your staff happy.

Everything you hate about managing time sheets, leave, expenses and payroll made into something awesome.

Simple, clear pricing

Live support

Works on any device

Flexible setup

Tightly Integrated

Clever notifications

Fully configurable notifications and reminders including SMS to ensure excuses are a thing of the past.


In-built scheduling and shift management with stand-down rules, minimum shift cover and multiple shift types to allow scheduling that suits the way your staff work.

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Project tracking

Allow project budgets to be managed the way managers want without impacting finance.

Smart budgeting allows you to track resources by staff cost and hours and still integrate with your existing General Ledger or Work Break Down set up to keep the bean counters happy.


Take the busy work out of managing and tracking entitlements.

Set up how you need it for all types of Overtime, Allowances, TOIL, RDO and Duties to track accurately and automatically at every level.

Smart things

Single staff with multiple roles and pay rates: welcome to single time sheets, single payslips and single tax filing.

Keep your life and taxes and pay roll simple with automatic smart sheets that ensure time is always tracked and paid at the correct rate, regardless of how many hats you wear in an organisation. Calculate entitlements without manual spreadsheets.

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