Our commitment to you.


Support when you need it.

We support you to use our products, without punitive service accounts. If you have questions, ask them – no need to worry about the size of the invoice you will get. Pretty much all support is free, and if it’s not we’ll tell you before we charge a cent.


Forget workarounds.

If we haven’t got something right, our solution is to make it right. Simple. We won’t make you invent temporary workarounds that become permanent.


Don’t pay for our mistakes.

Bugs are our fault, not yours. We’ll never charge you to fix them, we’ll fix them fast and we’ll communicate every step of the way.



We don’t hide issues. If there’s a problem we’ll tell you about it. You can even select how often as part of the settings in every element product. Whether we find it or someone else does, we’ll tell you how we plan to resolve it.


We want you to work on your business, not ours.

Save time and pain. We don’t expect you to do painful patching with uncertain results, or test end to end processes whenever we make a release. Making sure our software works is our responsibility, not yours.


We're here to help you.

If you have questions, ideas or thoughts, just tell us. We don’t judge, and we love a great idea.


Extra support, advice and recommendations.

Our job is to make your job less painful. If there is anything you need to ask, from supporting processes to assisting with change management, we will help. It’s what we do.


Lean not fat.

Our charges for extra services come out at cost neutral compared to most over headed rates for staff. We don’t believe in skimming the cream from public organisations (there are enough fat cats doing that already). We don’t need to pay bloated sales staff and executives because we don’t have them, so you won’t be charged for spin and hype.


Value add.

It’s important to note that as a lean and transparent company, we don’t discount our products or services. We’ve already taken as much fat out of the pricing as possible. However, we love our clients and will look to provide additional value for successful referrals and multiple purchases as our way of saying “thanks”.

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