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As soon as you send through this request an instance of elementTIME will be created just for your organisation. It is that simple. We will be in touch to arrange your implementation time and anything else you need.

Am i locked in to a licence period?

Nope – we don’t believe in that. If you decide to enable your organisation with awesome software backed by great support, you will be added to your choice of a monthly or annual subscription that you can cancel at any time. You will also be charged for any of the starter services you used.

If you decide stop using elementTIME, you can – though we don’t think you will. That’s it – no more costs and no break fees.

Can you help?

Of course – anything you need to get started and be successful. That is what we do – what is more the costs are probably included in either your implementation or licence fee so don’t be shy. If you want help just ask.

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