Manage Once View Everywhere (MOVE).

Our integration SDK allows us to do the heavy work outside of your existing systems even if they aren’t traditionally the most sociable kid in the sandpit. We validate and automate data transformation for your software’s existing rules and ‘quirks’ to ensure our data is compatible before writing or reading, even if you don’t have APIs or services available for us to use*.

This means you can be confident in a number of things:

Any loading on your environment is as low as possible because whether reading or writing data. The load is at our end not yours.

Your systems are as secure as possible because only clean, authenticated packets with relevant data are used.

You don’t need to wonder who will be responsible for enforcing the rules. We control and can be held responsible for how systems work.

Integration can be added to the standard implementation package.

*Note: You must have legal right to access the information your systems use. We could go on for hours about this topic, but to summarise: We think this should be a automatic right, however some providers think they own user’s data. We can’t access systems if your contracts and agreements with the suppliers prevent your right to do so, however we can work with you on other options. Also if this is the case… maybe you might want to look at that. Just saying.

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