elementTIME Aluminium 5.00 continues to add new functionality to assist in the management of outdoor staff

Relevance: All users
Version release: Aluminium 5.00 (including patches 4.04 to 4.32)
Release to staging: 15/09/2023
Release to production: 20/09/2023

Summary of functionality

There are a bunch of enhancements and work in here including integrations. Items of note include changes to integration to allow dealing with passing half pay and double pay leave via integration and new plant views on timesheets, plant sheets, and reports.


1 – Option to hide native login fields

If you want to force your users to log in using SSO, you can now hide the native login fields (usernames and passwords). To help with this we have also put the SSO button above the native login fields. Remember, you can always check how staff are logging in using the summary report or by checking their profile.

Al 5.00 - Sign in


2 – Leave enhancements

As well as new integration rules to deal with people requesting leave at 50% or 200% pay there are a couple of additional items including updated alerts when leave requests clash with existing leave requests.

Higher duties prompt when managers have leave requests approved – If managers have requested leave and it is approved, you can now enable a reminder to apply for higher duties. This will pre-fill the higher duties request with the user’s details including dates of the leave to make it simple.

Al 5.00 - Higher duties prompt

This also comes with links so if leave is canceled with a linked higher duties request, it will prompt a reminder to review the duties request. Oh, and we threw in a nice little feature: if a user is on higher duties and applies for higher duties again and that clashes, you will be notified.


3 – New excess-time notifications and triggers

We have added the ability to trigger notifications/alerts as soon as someone triggers excess-time. This can be set by excess-time type (paid/unpaid, etc.) or by individual rule. This is handy for when managers want to know when staff have done overtime without waiting until they approve the timesheet.


4 – Auto-allowance cap limit

A new limit cap per instance of 1 flag has been added to auto-allowances. This limits the number of times an auto-allowance will trigger, even if the conditions are met multiple times.


5 – Report enhancements and new reports

The Leave requests by payrun report is running again, and we added a new column for user status to the Indicative leave report.

Four new reports are now available including:

  • Plant use by payrun: This shows all the plant costed to within a payrun period. It can even be used for manually entering plant into plant entry programs if integration is not available.
  • Leave accrual by payrun: This shows how many hours of leave the user accrued within a payrun. Note: This report can only be run for payruns that are closed.
  • All leave balances: This is an update on the old leave balance report. It shows all leave balances from all active users in the organisation at the time the report is generated.
  • All excess-time by payrun: This report displays all excess-time within a period for each excess-time instance, including costing information.

Oh, and we fixed the report request options so the most recent payruns are available to select first. We also finally got around to adding a validation, so if you are selecting start and end payruns, then the end payrun must be after the start payrun.


6 – Plant use enhancements

Al 5.00 - plant summary view

Plant warnings: You can now set up alerts against plant items so if a user costs to a plant item, this will show as an alert to the manager and payrun. This can also be linked to recommended pay rate changes that can either be managed manually or used to automatically adjust the pay rate for operators when they have used the plant item. This is pretty handy for when the use of a plant item entitles the user to a pay rate change. Personally though and just putting it out there, should you use the allowance functionality for this? I have my own opinion…

Al 5.00 - plant displays

Plant displays: Plant sheets now have new views allowing the ability to alter how the plant costing data is displaying including by user/role/cost centre.

Plant summaries on timesheets have also been added allowing a view of all plant use by users directly within their timesheet. Previously, you had to link to this to view it day by day).


7 – Oh my gosh, all the combined small things and enhancements

Actually, there are a lot of things that also deserve a mention even if they are not part of the headline act. Well done, all the tweaks! You are great, even if most people don’t know you exist.



[FIX] Fix issue with validating payrun dates – it’s affecting eNPS and some other places.

[FIX] Fix issues with saving filters on timesheet listing page – when a user selected a filter, the options would not be saved if the user went to another page, causing a “How many times do I need to filter this filter” spiral to occur.

[FIX] Fix issues with saving filters on the staff management page – pretty much the above but just on the staff management filters. Because when we break something we want to do it consistently.

[PERF] Update higher duties checks queries were adding a massive load to the database so we sorted that out.

[PERF] Fix performance issues on loading leave requests for timesheets.

[PERF] Fix performance issues on checking if a scheduled day has leave requests.

[PERF] Fix performance issues on approving and canceling leave requests.

[PERF] Fix performance issues on timesheet approval page.

[PERF] Increase memory available and timeout limit for notification trigger queue.



[FIX] Fix issue where when saving a work record if the user had the option to align schedules activated but it was not used. It would either cause small earthquakes or just not save the record. Lately, it seems it mostly caused the latter but either way it is resolved.

[FIX] Fix error on submit/approve pages where some users got a 500 error if they had triggered penalties where the penalty rule had expired relationships. Nobody should be stuck in a relationship that is past its best-by date.

[FIX] Fix issue when copying from the previous day – this button wasn’t copying the breaks if the user was also on work-orders. Give me the breaks, all the breaks.

[FIX] Fix error where you can’t save recorded hours if you are only required to add a duration – for some people start and end times don’t matter but for even them, they should still be able to save their hours. Now they can again – yay.

[FIX] Fix error on breaks calculation when adjusting end time by duration where it deducts break even before it reaches the minimum hours to automatically deduct. Because if you shouldn’t have a break, then well you shouldn’t have a break.

[FIX] Fix error where if entering a start time and then duration users were not able to cost against plant directly against their master project.

[FIX] Fix issue where “Complete missing hours” on timesheet is not working for user on a weekly glide.

[FIX] Fix issue on timecard – when using the web browser on a mobile Android device the duration does not calculate.

[FIX] Fix error when copying from previous sheet the breaks don’t copy – when on work-orders.


Excess time

[FIX] Fix issue when copying from schedule – if a user copied from schedule and in doing so exceeded their glide hours, then the period excess time was not calculated in some cases. This is not good at all so we fixed it.



[FIX] Fix issue with auto-allowance calculations when recording to midnight and allowance rules are based on non-scheduled hours condition. Yep, this one is for the obscure rules but I think all rules should be given the right to rule correctly.

[FIX] Fix issue when creating an allowance with the ability to split across allowance codes you cannot save the record. Because that isn’t much help to anyone.

[FIX] Fix issue where auto-allowance gets stuck when timesheet is submitted in some cases.



[FIX] Fix error where only leave types are showing as options to apply for leave (RDO and accrued hours disappeared).

[FIX] Fix error on total hours recorded display when there is leave approved in that timesheet. Leave now shows in the total hours value, because as they say 1 +1 equals 2.

[FIX] Fix issue on leave balance alert notifications where balances were mixing (RDO and leave). Turns out people really like the leave alerts but not when they mix things up, so these balances got unmixed.

[FIX] Fix issue on total available balance when taking leave – the total available balance left showing on leave wasn’t including the request getting made which meant it looked awesome until the leave was approved.

[FIX] Fix issues with calculating balances when applying for leave in a past open period, if the period already has leave of that type and pro-rata is available to be taken. Yep, got that? If you are not actually closing and paying your staff, and then they apply for leave ages ago, the calculations might not be right. Do not ask.

[FIX] Fix sync error when editing leave requests – rather than allow the edit to be saved, we just showed a 500 error to the user. Not what anyone expects an edit button to do.

[FIX] Fix error when creating an RDO-type – flag to show balances for managers. This wasn’t working. But now it is. There probably isn’t much more to say about that.

[FIX] Fix issue where RDO was incorrectly being accrued while the user is on leave where that leave type was set not to accrue RDO if the user was on leave for payruns that were open in the past. Shhh yes it is payrun, payruns don’t stay open in the past, we know. But it turns out they do for some.



[FIX] Fix links into all excess-time notifications that were pointed to pages that are not valid in the system. Because when you select a link you want to go someplace helpful and not to 404 land.

[FIX] Fix issues with leave request reason in the notifications content messages – because the reason should be the content of the comments not just the ‘reason’.

[FIX] Fix issue with caching notification/reminder status after turning it ON or OFF – because caching is awesome but also not what you want to apply to changes in settings.

[FIX] Fix issue found in the logs where the notification-related record is not found when being sent asynchronously.

[FIX] Fix issues with some “schedulable” notifications that were not sent correctly in all cases.

[FIX] Fix issues with performance on triggering schedulable notifications – it was timing out and some notifications were not delivered, such as the daily digest.


Reports, API, and integrations

[FIX] Fix report “Leave requests by payrun” so it actually runs, because a report without data is not the best report.

[FIX] Fix department page that is broken – not allowing department hierarchy to be viewed.

[FEAT] Create a way to extract modified work-orders with status changed.

[FEAT] Create a new API for external systems – because rather than do all the work ourselves we thought it would be nice to enable others to do it.

[FEAT] Create a new public API service to get users from a tenant.

[FEAT] Create a new public API service to get a list of pay types from a tenant.

[FEAT] Create a new public API service to get the user’s workload hours.

[CHORE] Update command that automatically creates timesheets to also visit past open payrun periods.

[FIX] Add value of `requiresTime` that was missing from allowance types available to be used when recording time.

[FIX] Add scope to integration run items to add unit counts by status to be used on historical data table as it was causing memory leaks for massive tables.

[FIX] Fix issue where API required children plant items were required when they shouldn’t be.

[FIX] Remove cache for reports listing page.

[FIX] Fix error messages not correct for `testapi` site.

[FIX] Fix link for all excess-time notifications – it takes the user to the wrong URL.

[DOC] Fix swagger documentation for timesheet services where the value of `{id}` was not accepting a string such as `”current”`.

[FIX] Fix on query that loads data for scheduled hours to show on mobile app.

[CHORE] Remove invalid excess-time report options.

[CHORE] Update integration rule for accrued hours that splits into two lines to allow changing the code on positive line.

[FIX] Fix report “All excess-time by payrun” where it was not running when old excess-time groups were used (without association with excess-time rule table).

[FEAT] Create new integration rule for leave taken at % rate (half pay or double pay).

[FIX] Fix error on returning data from API when parameters are not overwritten by route.

[FIX] Fix issue where pay types from deleted bands were showing in the list of pay types and it caused 500 error on API.