4900 reasons your organisation will love elementTIME.

How much are manual timesheets and troublesome payroll systems costing your organisation? Make a change to a system that loves you for you and will never give you excuses. Just results.

With elementTIME your organisation doesn’t just get a new way of doing time – you get included support, pay as you go terms and no excuses.

The only problem you might have is your users wondering why all their software isn’t like this.

Two days of implementation side by side to get up and running.

Yes. Free.

Monthly or annual fees with no lock in times.

Full access to your data. Always.

Included full support.

Access to new features included.

No patches or updates to worry about.

Full security, disaster recovery and backups.

Open bug and new functionality reporting.

User voted functionality road-map.

Minimal downtime with low training burdens for admin staff and no training for most end users.

Hand-holding packages for change management, on boarding and integrations with other systems.

Don’t worry about sunk costs or implementation times

We work with you to have you up and running as soon as possible. And because elementTIME is designed to work you won’t need to convince staff to sit through painful training – your staff should be able to manage most set up intuitively.

We will always try our hardest to make elementTIME the best.

We know that if your staff love the product, that is what will keep you with us. Not ridiculous implementation costs, licence agreements and inaccessible data.

If you need more reasons…

Easy to implement.

No lost time, hidden costs or budget and time over runs.

Great support.

Backed by people who will love you and all your staff even when they are asked the hard questions.

Simple to use without downtime for training.

Your staff won’t need to take days off to learn how to use elementTIME, and we don’t require them to learn about functionality they will never use. Elements are simple and complexity is geared to the user.

No need to waste time with tenders or RFPs.

Get on with making your life better. Our licencing is open and fair and won’t trip the procurement rules for most users.

Your data is always yours.

We won’t lock it away and we won’t charge you to get it.

No crazy agreements or exclusivity terms.

Elements help you, not hinder you. If you want to use other systems with an element, just tell us and we will help you as much as we can.

No fixed terms.

We want you to stay because you want to, not because we force you to. Everything we do is based around this idea, so if we fail we think that is on us, not you. If you find someone better, we will even help you pack your things (while crying softly).

No sneaky traps.

You can implement straight away. And if we don’t earn your love (and the love of your staff), you can try someone else with your budget (and reputation) intact.

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