Version 8.12b3

Release production date: 26/02/2020

This release includes changes to the layout and information on timesheet pages, the amendment of excess time rules to include a distinct class of rule of tracking unpaid overtime and new layout and information on the timesheet summary page for payroll officers.

This is a tidy up release prior to the full deployment of new timesheet workflows in 8.13

  • Apply fix on report “Staff by employee type and shift” where users not assigned to any excess-time rule were throwing an error
  • Apply fix on UserShiftRepository that was throwing an error when trying to finish the assignment on the first period
  • Update RCMB entry report:

Make the flexi-time taken in italics

Deduct the excess-time triggered against the period from time recorded against projects

Merge columns “ext ref ID” and “Hour code”

Hide column “Ext ref ID”

Hide column “Ordinary hours”

Add value from “Ordinary Hours” column into “Hours this payrun” colum

Remove some parent headers

  • Fix public holidays hours on all entry reports and pay-run extracts (Authority Entry, Synergy Entry, RCMB Entry, Detailed pay-run extract, Authority pay-run extract)
  • Fix issue with higher duties
  • Fix issue on PDF time-sheet detailed report where automatically approved time-sheets were triggering an exception
  • Apply fix on new time-sheets where leave requests approved before are not properly populating when the period starts
  • Update time-sheets to fix leave when approved to triggering excess-time when applicable
  • Update time-sheet approval page not to show warnings for assigning allowance types if person is not eligible to have allowances on their profile
  • Insert column for current timesheet status on RCMB entry report
  • Apply changes on PDF report for detailed time-sheet to reduce the line height into data tables in order to fix the page-break issues
  • Apply fix on shift where managers were not able to schedule for employees on the shift they own
  • Fix error when editing a date on the jump to date field on schedules