Release: 8.12b1

Release production date: 24/12/2019

8.12b is a second part release that contains changes to timesheet approval flow and some other small changes prior to the main release of version 8.12.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Lots of little nice things (Happy Christmas)

1. Schedules and Shifts – When using the schedule filter options you are now able to navigate through alternative payruns on the results page even if no results match your search (before if your search was null for the payrun you could not navigate to other payruns).

2. Timesheets – Penalty calculations now trigger on timesheet status change to pending final approval – the calculation no longer needs to be manually triggered by the payroll officer.

3. Timesheets – Project codes are now available on the timesheet when viewing allowances on the ‘view allowance’ page.

4. Leave request management – Attachments to leave requests are now visible on the ‘my teams leave‘ summary listings – selecting the link will download a copy of the attachment without requiring the modal to be entered.

7. Leave Requests – Leave requests have been altered to show ‘estimated balance’ to help ensure staff are aware that changes in work patterns etc may impact actual balance for future leave requests.

8. Duties and Penalties change – Staff can now be assigned to duties without needing to be acting on behalf of other staff (additional duties) using the same higher duties modal.

Little things

Alteration to modal notes including some grammar fixes and content changes to make things a little clearer for users (and ensure our high school English Teachers never realise how little attention we paid in class).

Correction to error messages – rather than default 500 errors (which are no help lets face it) the message now advises of what needs to happen to resolve the problem.

1. Fix issue where Audit users cannot see timesheet summary data – this is now fixed.

2. Error with elementTIME calendar integration for some users resolved (syncing of leave).

3. Leave is now removed from calendars when cancelled in elementTIME.

4. Leave posted externally to calendars is now just called leave – not the name of the leave type.