Version 9.0001 to 9.0004

Release to staging: 25/06/2020

Release to production: 03/07/2020

Summary of changes

Most of 9.00 involves changes you will never know to assist in upcoming functionality but there are a few things you might notice. We have reworked the methodology for converting decimal time to minutes to resolve rounding challenges with odd work times (more on that below), allowed users the ability to move timesheet modals so you can see what is behind the modal and done a bunch of other little tweaks.

  1. Convert calculations from decimal to minutes
  2. Update reminder triggers to increase performance
  3. Allowed ability to move some modals
  4. Amended the staff management table
  5. Applied changes on department modal
  6. Added a default comment / reason content to leave type requests
  7. Altered the penalty page on timesheets to show the hours (actual) per penalty type on summary
  8. All the little things

Forcing decimal places to behave nice when converted to actual time

Some users with odd duration’s of work were getting rounding issues. This was due to the rounding of decimal places and conversion to minutes so we fixed all this – because with plant and complex timesheets this starts to become an issue. Why did we need to fix this? Basically the more complex and the more entries become on timesheets the more needing to be accurate is important. For example:
If a user has a scheduled fortnight of 73.7 hours per fortnight and works 7.37 hours per day, it converts to be exactly 7 hours, 22 minutes and 12 seconds. As we we not forcing people to record seconds, it rounds to 7 hours and 22 minutes (or 7.36666… in decimal value).

If that user then works 10 days every fortnight, it brings them to 73 hours and 40 minutes. Which when you convert to a decimal value, it will bring a total of 73.67 hours (or 73.6666…).

So if when converting the current schedule of 73.7 hours to hour format, it will creates an amount of exactly 73 hours and 42 minutes (2 minutes more than their worked hours described above).

Updated reminder notification triggers to increase performance

We now ‘book’ notifications triggers daily, so they won’t be checked as often if not necessary and we created new fields in tenant settings with new connection for reading notifications, triggers, etc

Allowed ability to move some modals

Some users requested the ability to move modals out of the way when working on timesheets – we thought that made sense so you can now drag the following modals around as much as you want.

  • Leave request modals
  • Schedule modals
  • Time-sheet time recording modals
  • Time-sheet daily summary modals
  • Time-sheet allowance recording modals

We amended the staff management search

Users can now select what status of user they want displayed as an ‘either, or’ filter not just an ‘and’ filter. (basically if you just want to see inactive users you can – you don’t have to view active and inactive). We also improved the search field to search across more values and enhanced the datatables.

Applied changes on department modal

There is now a toggle to hide non-direct members and managers from departments and we improved the layout and added some fixes for better performance.

Added a default comment / reason content to leave type requests

You can now set a default comment or reason for leave requests against the leave type and even personalise it when assigning leave to a user.

Altered the penalty page on timesheets to show the hours (actual) per penalty type on summary

Umm exactly what it says šŸ™‚


Little small things

  • We have added a version number to the bottom right of the user page so you know what version you are looking at – especially handy if you have alternative production and staging (test) environments.

  • Prevent invalid class files to be tried when building system settings – this was causing random 500 errors as a .save file had been created into models folder, and it was being used to build settings.
  • Fix: Error on elementSUP call-back, where an in-consistency was being created as it was trying to save the same record with different information (deadlock into the database).
  • Fix: Remaining estimated leave balances after a request was not calculating right where certain user setting combinations existed.
  • Fixed issue where new employee types could no longer be created.
  • FIX: department dashboard when no users were assigned to it, a bug occured when trying to fetch data for new tables
  • FIX: Issues on excess-time level triggers on time calculations for glide period shifts for some users