Relevance: All users
Version release: Magnesium 7.00 to 7.03
Release to staging: 05/01/2023
Release to production: 19/01/2023


Summary of functionality

This release includes a number of productivity wins and a couple of features for normal users. For payroll managers, allowances can now be set to allow a single allowance request to be split across multiple allowance types and for glide shift schedules to be copied from day to day. For normal users, leave requests can now automatically replace conflicting worked hours. Plus there is some other cool stuff in here:


Ability to split allowances across multiple allowance codes

Impact: All users with ad hoc allowances

Mg 7.0 - split allowances


Where allowances need to be split across multiple allowance codes for tax calculations or even just to make life easier for users, allowances can now be set up so a user just needs to request an ad hoc allowance once but it can be split across multiple allowance codes. For example, if you have a tax and non-taxed component to mileage you can now assign 100% of the allowance request km to two allowances; so if a user claims 100 km, 100 km will go to the taxed allowance and 100 km to the untaxed allowance. There is no validation on the splits, so amounts can be allocated at less than or greater than 100% if required.


Managers and payroll can now send ad hoc messages to users direct from timesheets

Impact: All users / managers and payroll officers

Mg 7.0 - sending notifications


Where managers or payroll want to comment on a particular timesheet they can now send an ad hoc free text notification direct to the timesheet user. The notification is recorded within the timesheet workflow and user timeline. Handy when you want to comment on something but don’t want to have to delay the approval process or return the timesheet. This functionality must be enabled in settings prior to being available for users and the template can be altered in the normal notification management section.


Daily values can be copied within a period glide shift

Impact: Schedule managers and payroll officers

Mg 7.0 - Copy day settings within glide period schedule


For too long, we have been forced to update daily schedule changes to expected hours day by day if a user is within a period glide shift. No more. You can now copy the daily expected hours from one day within the payrun to the next, just like every other shift type. Because, let’s face it, not being able to do that was annoying.


Plant naming conventions can now be global and over written at a individual level

Impact: Payroll officers

Mg 7.0 - Plant naming


At the moment, any custom naming conventions for plant items needed to be set for every individual plant item. Now the setting can be global but still be overridden at an individual item level. Awesome.


Links back to relevant time within timesheet from excess time record

Impact: Timesheet approvers

Mg 7.0 - Excess time to time card link


Though you could always link from a timecard to the excess time details, you couldn’t navigate straight from an excess time record back to the timecard entry that triggered it. You can now. Just select the project or work-order label within the excess time card. You are welcome.


All the little (but no less awesome) things



Enhance – If a user has a multi-profile account and changes their password in one profile, then all passwords for all their profiles will update. Note: They will log in by default to their master profile.

Error – If a user had multiple profiles and entered the wrong password, it would not generate a validation error and just freeze the login screen. Very annoying.

Fix – Minor style changes were applied to make the My Settings page a little tidier.

Enhance – Improved log tracing of data syncing from elementSUP.



Error – Resolved issue with allowances requiring start and end times not validating.



Fix – Resolved issue where user access tokens remained valid after a user logged out.

Fix – Resolved issue with device hash when switching profiles that impacted users with multiple profiles set up.

Fix – Removed log records for wrong username exceptions.



Error – Resolved issue where ex-managers could still view timesheets.



Error – Resolved issue where, if applying for a part-day leave and the user was not required to enter start and end times, the request could not be submitted.

Error – Resolved issue where the start time was not validating if the user was applying for duration-only leave.

Error – Resolved issue with leave balances forecasting when the date is the last day of a payrun. It was considering the hours that would be accrued after that period finished.

Error – Resolved issue with calculating leave hours when editing partial day leave requests on non-glide shifts.