Relevance: All users
Version release: Magnesium 6.07
Release to staging: 09/12/2022
Release to production: 16/12/2022

Summary of functionality

This close to Christmas, there are lots of little things to keep everyone happy. This version of elementTIME also includes some cool functionality, including the ability to post ad hoc allowances to work-orders worked, and the ability to replace already recorded hours with a leave request automatically. Make sure you check out all the little things so they feel important as well.


Link ad hoc allowances to the job worked rather than master

Mg 6.0 work-order allowance

Users can now select ad hoc allowances when recording time against individual work-orders (rather than previously allowances had to have a one to one relationship or could only have parts of the work-order string as dynamic).

Note: only mileage, hourly and fixed ad hoc allowance types can be costed to in this way.


Add control for timesheet summary default status to user management

Previously, users could control whether their timecard summary was open or closed by default. Payroll officers can now make this change on behalf of users through Staff management > profile > setup > other settings.


Add option to replace worked hours with conflicted leave hours

Mg 6.0 replacement leave

For users with auto-complete timesheets and users costing to projects / activities, they now have the option to replace recorded hours with leave requests where a leave request clashes with recorded hours already in the timesheet. Prior to this version, users would need to manually remove the hours that clashed before submitting the timesheet.

This functionality is not available to users coded duration only to multiple work-orders.

New report for total hours by employee by role

This report shows all active employees within the start and end payrun range and displays the total hours worked plus other information by user role:

Ext ref | User Name | Employee type | Role name | Role status | Role manager (from Mg3.0) | Department | Pay rate name | Pay rate code | Payrate hourly amount | Total hours worked |Total hours leave | Total hours public holiday | Total hours overtime paid | Total hours overtime accrued | Total hours additional hours | Total hours unpaid | Total hours (all hours)


All the little things. Little things are important as well!


  1. Fix issue where you could not see the summary page of a users profile if the user did not have profile manager assigned.
  2. Fix inconsistences on accrued excess-time hour codes to ensure that ext ref codes are always checked to see if they have been modified prior to integration.


3. Fix time-sheet PDF report that was showing inaccurate excess time information in some rare use cases depending on the shift, rule and time worked the excess time would not show correctly on the PDF timesheet record (it was still correct everywhere else).

4. Fix error on “time-sheet detailed” PDF report class. It was causing issues on any places it was used which is never fun, so now it is not.


5. The title when viewing leave requests in the leave request modal is now clearer and “bigified”. Someone told us we didn’t have the name of the leave on the leave request modals – we did, it just wasn’t massive. So we bigified it. Hopefully they believe us now.

6. Fix issue where some requests would not show in some pages depending on the user > approver relationship. This is now resolved.

7. Fix issue when trying to apply for leave from the missing hours option and the calculate leave button was not available if a user was on flexible shifts and hard multiple roles.

8. Fix issue on editing a leave request when trying to calculate as it was showing an error on console and stopping the functionality due an error on overwriting worked hours with leave.

9. Remove clash message when calculating the leave request before submitting as it was always showing regarding of the clash status. The clash is now assessed when submitting the request.

10. Fix error when calculating data for partial day leave requests on shift types other than glide.

Shifts and timesheets

11. Fix back-end error happening when editing profiles for users that are not profile managers. Look, this was only impacting us but it was annoying so we fixed it.

12. Fix issue when ending all shifts for a period and reassigning a new shift of a different type. It would break all the day associations which caused all sorts of need to rework. Who needs that this close to Christmas? Not payroll! So we fixed it.

13. Fix issue with auto-completing timesheets that was not working, as it was recording the first day of the period on the second day of the period.

14. Fix issue with time-sheets set to auto submit and auto approve – if they had related auto allowances / penalties set, it was still requiring the auto allowances and penalties to be triggered so was not really that automatic. Now it is.

15. Fix issue where simple approvals were turned on then for some approvals you still needed to go into the timesheet to approve the timesheet, as the issue list was not updated. Which is not that simple. We changed it, and now it is simple again.


16. Fix error found on log when opening the page for leave balances integrations (it was not affecting the functionality, only generating log).

17. Fix error on payrun details datasource when there is a deleted department that is still associated with a profile which then prevents data from being posted to payroll. Never a cool thing.


18. Fix issue with taking session on API that was throwing a weird error, because weird errors are not that much fun.

19. Add retry on SSO in case callback returns a user not logged.

20. Add retry option to SSO login to solve issues with cached data.

21. Fix scheme used for production / staging / dev environments.