Relevance: All users
Version release: Magnesium 5.00
Release to staging: 02/12/2022
Release to production: 09/12/2022

The overview

Look, this release is really about the ability for a user to now have a master (parent) profile and an unlimited number of child profiles. However, there are a bunch of other cool things like syncing pay classes from Authority, and a whole bunch of little tidy-up things for the end of the year (including lots of API service changes).


Integration for user sync from Authority

Mg 5.0 - User authority pay types sync

Authority users can now sync pay type data without needing additional integration permissions created within Authority.


Add ability to create users that manage multiple profiles

Mg 5.0 - Multiple profile manager

Users can now have a parent profile and infinite child profiles. This means all child profiles have completely separate timesheets and set up, but just a single master log-in. This means potentially a crew leader can manage timesheets on behalf of his team, separate from a manager. Or a council could, in rare cases, allow each role by the same person to be a completely independent contract with the council.

There is no linkage between child profiles unlike the multiple role setup, so excess time rule triggers cannot be cumulative across profiles.


Remove terminated roles and/or employees from the indirect staff list of a department

If a user is terminated, they no longer show up within the indirect list of staff within a department. Because… well there is no reason that should have been happening really.


Show multiple or relevant roles on staff management and my timesheets tables

We fixed up the tables on staff management and my timesheets for users with multiple roles so now if the user has multiple roles and;

  • If the person viewing the page is payroll or customer love, all current role names for that user now show (similar to how multiple department names are listed).
  • If the person is a direct manager and viewing the my teams timesheets page, it will show the names of all current roles for that user.
  • If the person is a role manager and viewing the my teams timesheets page, it will show the name of the active role(s) for that user reporting to that role manager.

Add filters to users’ list to filter by account type

If you have multiple profiles, you can now search for users by parent or child profiles within the staff management tables.


All the little enhancements and things


1. Change to show roles as the prominent heading when switching profiles. If a user has parent-to-child profiles, the roles of each profile is the main heading when selecting which profile to switch to.

2. Add system-wide flag to control if Profile Managers are ON/OFF by tenant. This control needs to be enabled by customerlove now so we can make sure users understand it before it is enabled. Just ask.

3. Solve permission error when switching profiles. If a user has profiles with different permissions, always take them to dashboard when switching so they don’t cause permission errors trying to access pages not linked to the selected profile.

4. Update pages to show profile manager’s email address rather than sub-profile’s and then update all usage of user’s email address to use the relevant address (actual or profile manager’s). Enough said.

5. Add role name to timesheet page. Previously it just had the user name, now it has both.

Workflows and notifications

6. Fix error on workflows for when approval is required from all role managers and someone acting on behalf of the role manager approves the record. This should still be allowed and now it is.

7. Fix issue with global scope that filters profile managers for when any user in the result is on higher duties.

8. Fix issue with timesheet workflow constraint that checks if staff is away for the whole period.

9. Fix issue with timesheet workflow constraint that checks if staff has leave of any kind.

10. Fix broken link for manager into workflow tab for user profile.

11. Fix issue where all work orders were showing as available to users that don’t have a pay group type selected.


12. Fix issue with forecasting leave balances where stand down period was not null the forecast was not adjusting the pro-rata once the stand down period has been meet during the forecasting.

13. Create a new artisan command to create accrued hours bank for users when they are missing.

14. Add to the general settings page a button to create missing accrued hours banks (only available for customerlove).


15. Fix bug on ordinary hours for when setting ON a day that wasn’t ON by default on shift settings for glide period shifts.

16. Fix cache issue on the schedule page for not started periods.


17. Fix issue with casting date values on reports where null values were not accepted (this was affecting the work orders listing report).

Integration and API

18. Fix number of excess time hours deducted from ordinary on pay run detailed datasource used for entry reports and payroll integrations.

19. Create Authority payroll integration rule to replace activity code based on conditions.

20. Add more constraint types for plus accounts rule on Authority payroll integration (“except by pay location” and “has employee type”).

21. Fix error on constraint “has pay location” for plus accounts rule on Authority payroll integration.

22. Create new integration type to sync work orders table from Authority – for PRIVATE API.

23. Add user’s master role to service that returns timesheet config data.

24. Make changes to API for mobile APP to use Profile Managers.

25. Fix redirection when SSO login process finishes.

26. Improve error reporting when logging in into the app via SSO.

27. Add ability to use SSO to login via API (for mobile app).

28. Fix issues on API scheduling tests.

29. Fix locked status when logging in with SSO.

30. Fix 401 error when logging out in some cases.

31. Fix error found in the log into department dashboard service to view leave liability.

32. Fix issues with returning error when login via SSO fails because of an unknown error on provider.

33. Fix issues with returning error when login via SSO fails because there is no related user in elementTIME.