Relevance: all users
Version release: 10.3 patch 1 to 5
Release to staging: 20/07/2021
Release to production: 03/08/2021


Summary of changes

Version 10.3 of elementTIME includes preemptive delivery of workflow to support new plant and work-order management. New integration engine for managing integrations with Civica Authority users with private API and public API options and a host of other small changes.

List of functionality

New integration handler
Bulk exclude all non approved timesheets from payrun
Ability to select workflow when making leave requests on behalf
Changes to public holiday management including ring fencing project codes
Improved warnings when terminating users
Ability to view historical role associations
Improvements to workflow management for timesheets
Forcing new workflow exceptions to existing timesheets
So many small things

New integration handler

To provide a new integration handler for plant functionality and improve options when integrating with other payroll systems. This helps transparency over reading and writing payroll and financial data with other systems via API, including Civica Authority.

Bulk exclude all non-approved timesheets from a payrun

Multiple timesheets can be excluded at once from a payrun with the new magic exclude all button on payroll processing. This will exclude all timesheets without an approved status from a payrun. Handy for test and implemention periods.

Ability to select workflow when making leave requests on behalf

When making leave requests on behalf of users we sometimes still want them to go through an approval process – Payroll Officers can now choose whether to auto-approve or trigger the normal workflow when making or editing leave requests on behalf of other users.

Changes to public holiday management including ring fencing project codes

Project codes and activity codes can now be customised for public holidays without needing support involvement for integration with payroll and financial systems. These are linked to employee types, they can be split for different employee groups to automate the correct allocation of hours.

Improved warnings when terminating users

When terminating users there are now better process warnings, to advise potential issues such as open timesheets etc. Because terminating is never fun but it shouldn’t be harder than it already is.

Ability to view historical role associations

Payroll officers now have access to role assignment history, including historic pay types, shifts and projects directly on the Timesheets> Roles/Shifts page.

Improvements to workflow management for timesheets

Prior to this version, workflows for timesheets were built when a timesheet was created, so the condition to trigger the workflow had to exist when the timesheet was created. Now the workflow is built at the start of the payrun period and then again when the timesheet is submitted or at the end of the payrun period (whichever happens first). Which makes so much more sense. We also have new options for building conditions within workflows such as time types.

Forcing new workflow exceptions to existing timesheets

If you make changes to a workflow exception then traditionally that change will not apply to any open timesheets (and only apply to the next payrun period) however, you can now force a timesheet to check and apply any new workflow exceptions. Because sometimes waiting a week for change is just too long…

Small things

Enhancement:  Ext ref fields for leave and RDO types can now be updated as needed during implementation, because really this is kinda helpful right. Note: Post implementation these fields are locked to ensure there are no clashes with leave integration with other payroll systems.
Enhancement:  When a public holiday is shown on a timesheet it is no longer red. Red is the colour of warnings and public holidays should be celebrated. A lot.
Enhancement:  When viewing a timecard, the copy from schedule option will show (if enabled) even if the record time panel is open.
Bug fix: When a user navigates to an empty tenant URL by mistake they get better information about what to do next.
Enhancement: Managers can now choose to view workflow leave requests as well as direct/indirect leave requests within their leave calendars. Handy? we thought so.
Enhancement: Managers can now view all timesheets for direct reports, even if they are not in the timesheet workflow.
Bug fix: Custom content wasn’t showing against certain time types and now it does. Turns out keeping secret custom content doesn’t really help anyone. Nice right.
Bug fix: There was an error for some users when copying hours from scheduled hours if they were also on duration only timesheets (not required to record start and end times). This was annoying so we fixed it.
Enhancement:  Managers and Team Leaders can now view their own leave stats, on their teams leave stats table through a simple on/off flag.
Bug fix:  Recent workflow changes meant some shift managers, who were managing shifts including staff who were not their direct reports were not always able to schedule all users assigned to their shift. They can again. YAY.
Bug fix: Button freeze – No one likes frozen buttons especially when they freeze after closing a payrun. In some cases, the calculation and integration buttons would freeze if steps to close a payrun occurred very rapidly not allowing the previous step process to finish. This is now resolved and the buttons are thawed, cause it is fun to push buttons.
Bug fix:  For a very few users, if a payroll officer was making a leave request from the user leave summary page, the leave request list was not refreshing automatically. Now it does.
Bug fix: When a user was on a period glide shift and duration only or had been but has now changed, then the expected hours on the timecard were not matching updates to scheduling – not very helpful so it is now fixed.
Enhancement: If an employee has more than one role or shift when making a leave request the role/shift will default to the master role or shift on the leave request form – they can still change it but it just means hopefully most of the time it will be right by default.
Enhancement: When viewed from a time card the schedule modal layout for duration only users were different from other shift/time card types. This has now been redesigned to provide a consistent layout.