elementTIME version 8.10 was released 11/02/2019.

This release includes refinements to how timesheet approval pages are displayed, department manager dashboards and lots of other good things.


Highlights of this release include:

  1. New approval pages for timesheets
  2. Ability to set custom values for leave and public holidays for flexitime employees
  3. Updated public salary register report
  4. Entitlements table
  5. Setting for individual control of tooltip displays
  6. Enhancements to hierarchy and organisation charts include FTE counts and other information
  7. New dashboards for department managers showing overall department statistics and information

So what is inside? – let’s have a look…

New approval pages for timesheets


New pages have been added to the timesheets management workflow to assist in the approval of complex timesheets. Managers and Payroll officers are now able to see and resolve all issues and warnings relating to a timesheet in a single view.

These include a new summary page for employees when submitting timesheets to identify any possible outstanding requirements they need to complete as part of the submission process.


New custom value public holiday and weekend settings for employees on full flexi-time


You can now set custom values for employees on glide shifts. This adds to the existing FTE and average value options already available. These values will be used to determine the value that should be used for public holidays and weekends.

As well as setting the values as defaults when creating the shift type you are able to edit the value for individual employees when assigning to the shift.

This functionality also extends to setting default values to be used for multi-day leave.


Updated Public Salary Register report



The Public Salary Register report has been updated to show the new entitlements against employees and group employees with the same role into a single line on the register – no more manual reporting for this puppy.


New entitlement table



A table has been added under general settings for managing staff entitlements. Entitlements added here can be linked to employee profiles via manage assignments for reporting including forming part of the updated public salary register.


New toggle and services for showing onscreen help information

A new toggle and services have been added to allow users to decide whether to enable onscreen help (tool-tips) for fields. This can be turned off by users at any time.

New fields for statistical and reporting data

Additional options have been added to the Statistical and reporting data fields against an employee profile. These options are used for reporting purposes and dashboards automating employee statistics.

FTE and employee counts into organisation hierarchy (department and employee)

Individual employee counts and FTE calculations have been added to the real-time organisation charts – they just need to be toggled on or off.


New department chart options


New options including search department chart options by employee name and FTE


New department dashboard for department managers



This dashboard shows key information about department employees including a native leave calendar and interacts with the department organisational chart. Department managers have access by default to all sub (child) departments within a direct hierarchy.


Department start date

When adding an employee to a department the start date now defaults to the day the employee started the linked role. Where a user has multiple roles and may be part of multiple departments the start date is the date of the role linked to the department. The date can be overwritten.


User status report



A user status report is now available for downloading. The report provides a summary of employee setup by payrun and identifies any relationships or set up issues that need to be addressed.


Allowance field resize

When assigning allowances to individual employees we have resized some of the fields so they scale better.


Under the hood maintenance

We have spent a bit of time tweaking the services and process queues to run faster including speeding up the process for copying schedules en masse.


Higher duties approve leave bug

Fixed an issue where auto assignment of permissions to approval employee leave was not transferred when higher duties were assigned