elementTIME 7.16 is all about adding additional functionality to allowances.

Users can now set up rules for as many mileage, daily, hourly, fixed / per period allowance types as they need. Each type has its own pre-built rules and is designed to make entry as simple as possible for staff.

Even better they can force users to also add start and end times or duration to record time relating to after hour call outs and other allowances.

Allowances can also be set to record as actual work time if relevant to reduce the need for duplicate time-sheet entries when staff are recording time that automatically triggers additional allowances.

Capped allowance values can be set to trigger alerts to managers and or payroll officers when allowance amounts are exceeded within any custom period up to one year.

New timesheet report layout

Oh and with all the allowance work we needed to redesign the timesheet downloads to include the variety of allowance types. So we decided to take the time to give the rest of the information displayed a make over as well. Because well as ‘they’ say data is beautiful.


Some tiny little things

Like every release we sneak in some little things that users have suggested or that just make sense – we don’t make a big deal out of them but apparently sometimes people notice them and go all gushy on us. So short and sweet here they are:

7.16.2 Attachments – We made some improvements to how attachments can be renamed once uploaded and to clarify the status of large file attachments over slower connections.

7.16.3 Apply for leave – We have added the apply for leave button back into the timesheet page view so requests for leave can be made direct within the timesheet without going into the myLeave panel (nice suggestion from user Stewart).

7.16.4 Name of day into timesheet pop up – We added the name of the day beside the date for users entering time through the timesheet popup to help them keep track of what day they are entering time into (nice suggestion from user Vaughan). Its the little things ?

7.16.5 Calculation adjustment for FTE – We made an adjustment to show calculations for future leave display as FTE adjusted when leave types have FTE adjustment settings active.

7.16.6 Background save times – We did some more magic on improving back ground calculations to speed up timesheet form entries when entering retrospective time.

7.16.7 Manual close rule for settings and request popup windows – So we listened to feedback about requiring users to manually close popup windows by saving or canceling to avoid loss of data if windows are closed accidentally. Oh right so as well as listening we actually did this as well. Just thought we should clarify that.

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