Version 8.1 releases the payroll processing wizard. This helps guide users to manage their own close of pay-run.

It also adds functionality allowing timesheet approvers and payroll officers to apply for leave on behalf of direct reports direct from their timesheet.

Applying for leave on behalf of a direct report


Staff with responsibility to approve timesheets can also now apply for leave on behalf of staff direct from their timesheet.



The apply for leave on behalf will only be available for the user for that timesheet (so access is limited to who can currently view the timesheet).


All leave types available to that user are available for requesting.


If the workflow for approving leave is only a manager then if the manager requests the leave on behalf then it will be automatically approved.


There are no date restrictions on the request (it is not bound to the timesheet period).


Payroll processing wizard


In the continual shift towards single touch payroll we are releasing the first four steps of the payroll processing wizard. This allows users to process and close the current and active pay-run.



The wizard walks you through the steps and identifies what tasks need completing at each step. Once completed the name of the officer and related details are recorded against the step.



Once started the payroll wizard can be returned to from any page using the top menu bar option.


Only payroll officers have access to this functionality.



Once the final step is completed the payrun will be closed and if integrated with payroll will trigger the extract to run at the allocated time (default is following day at 4am).