elementTIME = glideTIME

8.05 of elementTIME is a major release version introducing new glide shift functionality (and of course the normal round of other smaller enhancements).

Highlights of this release include

New shift type called Glide Shift for employees on flexible work arrangements, aggregated notification management page and various little enhancements.

Glide shifts

Glide shifts allow users with employees on fully flexible rosters to set scheduled work hours based on total hours by duration and yet still all the elementTIME benefits of excess time rules, Rostered Days Off, multiple projects, multiple roles and multiple paytypes.

Perfect for employees on anytime 20 hour weekend shifts, or with flexible lunch breaks, or fully flexible 38 hour work weeks, 76 hour fortnights or any other variation including four weekly and monthly. You can even set varying minimum and maximum work hours per day and request start and end times or just total hours worked to be recorded.

The general round of small things

Reduced delay issue with public holiday service

When new public holidays are added during a current payrun the time-sheet service will begin calculating display and clashes straight away and not at the end of the payrun cycle (note public holidays are refreshed via API so only special holidays should need manual adjustments to be made).

User profiles

The contribution and deduction panels for user profiles are now set to a default state of close. They can be opened as required.

General Ledger codes

When assigning projects to employees General Ledger / Work breakdown / Project codes are now displayed next to the project name.

Aggregated notifications page

Previously there were multiple locations to manage notifications (emails and SMS) through setting pages however with increased functionality people requested a single place to go to manage all the notifications.

So we have added a new page call Notifications and Reminders to settings and brought all the notification and reminder management options into that one page. Grouped of course by subject. And before you ask – yes it is still simple, turn them off, turn them on, alter content. No coding required.

Fixed dashboard date formats to be consistent with settings

Previous some dashboards showed dates in the american format. This has been fixed to run from the tenant settings (i.e. for Aussie and NZ it is dd/mm/yyyy).

Changing shift bug

Fixed bug where when ending an employees shift type to start on another one if the employee had leave requests for the future that were unapproved the original shift could not be closed. Any leave requests affected by the swap and cancelled will now trigger notifications to the relevant staff.

New default view for schedules

Default view for schedules is now linked to the current payrun view rather than todays date. If a user has multiple payruns then the view by default is linked to the master payrun.

The schedule view option can still be set through the settings on the Manage Schedule page

We hope you like 8.05