Release 8.8.20 includes changes to dashboard information, the ability for managers to view indirect employee timesheets and leave requests and auto resizing of profile images.

Highlights of this patch include:

Reworked mySchedule page, new dashboard information, access to snooze notification control for Payroll Officers, locked timesheet day row and grouped leave requests, auto-resize of employee profile images and numerous bug fixes.


New data for personal dashboard display

We have separated out the data on the personal dashboard so employees can not clearly see the breakdown of hours against scheduled time. Employees can toggle on Worked, Recorded, Excess time and Leave hours.


Reworked the my-Schedule page

The my schedule page under personal profiles has been altered to allow for future schedule requests and provide clearer information to staff especially casual and part time employees.


Locked timesheet header row and grouped leave requests

We have altered the timesheet display so multiple requests of the same leave type are grouped into sections rather than individual rows. We also locked the day and date row at the top of the timesheet page for users with multiple projects or complex timesheet views.

Thanks for the suggestions Ben and Stewart.


Logo display on login and menu bar

We fixed an error where if a tenant had a particular ERP system the flag was preventing organisational logos from showing on the log in page and menu bars.


Payroll Officer access to snooze settings

Payroll officers now have the ability to manage snooze notification settings for employees (previously only employees could control their own snooze settings via their profile settings) using the options on user details pages.


Access to indirect report timesheets and leave requests

Yes we have fixed the oversight and altered dashboards so managers can now view full direct and indirect reporting lines – including all time-sheets and leave requests direct from their manager dashboard.

This also allows managers of managers to approve timesheets and leave requests without needing to reassign workflows or higher duties.


Photo re-size

We have added auto resize to staff photos when uploaded – this means users adding photos to employee profiles don’t have to resize the images first for them to appear on organisational hierarchy charts and reports. Get those selfies up.


All the little tweaks

Timesheets and approved leave – Fixed an issue where some leave was taking a while to automatically show on user time-sheets when it was approved. Because no one wants to miss out on leave.

Sorted out the bug with users on multiple glide shifts that when users applied for leave across all shifts the leave request went to both shifts and duplicated the duration of the leave.

Auto alignment of scheduled hours tweak – Fixed services that were not updating scheduled hours when using the align to recorded hours option and nailed some glitches with excess time approvals when users were working multiple shifts.

Removed inactive employees from drop-downs – We have removed inactive employees from drop-down options on schedules and other menus because if they aren’t active they probably won’t be working right.