Released to version 8.1 on 06/02/2018

This patch includes major revisions to service and application calls to increase system response when users are in low bandwidth or limited resource areas. This is also to provide for planned functionality over the next few phases where we introduce integrated plant and equipment timesheets and expand our scheduling and roster functionality to offer more flexibility to casual and contractors.

The patch also added a number of small fixes including:

8.1.1 – Fixing an issue where TOIL Balances were not updated after manual adjustments were made until the page was reloaded. These balances will now refresh on page.

8.1.2 – The value of the time-sheet approved date was using the system time and date not the actual time and date when approved by payroll. Not very helpful really so we changed it.

8.1.3 – Fixed scaling issue where people viewing full timesheets on older mobile devices could not see the name of a direct report on the timesheet they were viewing. Not everyone wants an iPhoneX so we fixed the issue.

8.1.4 – Oh it also added new excel reports for leave balances, FTE calculations and detailed payrun extract reports and some new service calls for when we deploy the upgraded dashboard metrics.

Public holidays

8.1.5 – We have also changed the way public holidays are treated – rather than treated as a leave type they are now their own class making it easier for staff to see if they are scheduled to work on a public holiday and calculation entitlements.