elementTIME 8.0 is a major framework release but it also comes with auto complete options on timesheets

As my 4 year old says – ‘are you kidding me?

No I am not…

For users where you want to just manage timesheet exceptions (like leave, excess time and allowances) you can now offer the ability to fill scheduled hours direct into the timesheet at the touch of a button or even have the timesheet automatically completed each day based on the scheduled hours worked.

In addition 8.0 has an updated framework allowing us to do a whole lot of things easier (wait did i just admit to that? Official story – everything we do is impossible but we do it anyway…).

So lets dive into the the updated list of awesome that is elementTIME 8.0

Completely new timesheet and time slider design

We have completely redesigned both the timesheet and the time slider to make things easier for staff to navigate on any device. But don’t worry allowances, leave and coding time against multiple projects can all still be done.

We have also hidden the timesheet summary section as most users just want to enter time and get into it. But don’t worry the summary is still there and along with improved issue highlighting – users just need to select the view summary option.

Once a timesheet is submitted by a user the summary shows by default to managers and payroll officers because we figure knowing the issues when you approve a timesheet is pretty important.

New menu option to access current timesheets

Current timesheets can now be accessed directly from the side menu bar as well as the dashboard through the my current time-sheet option (thanks Stuart).

New timesheet information

The new design allowed us to get creative. So we have expanded the timesheet display to include scheduled hours alongside day status, public holidays and total time data.

Because as they say – information is beautiful.

Ability to copy scheduled hours direct into timesheets

We believe in trying to make life simple so when we were asked whether users could just copy scheduled hours direct into their timesheets – we thought, why not.

So provided pay roll officers turn on the functionality users now have the ability to copy their schedule for a whole pay run or on a day to day basis.

Note: Users must still manage exceptions like excess time and where clashes exist the data already entered on the timesheet will take priority.

In order to enable this functionality new toggles for control have been added to both Pay run settings and Manage assignments.

Awesome right.


Auto-completion of timesheets

For some staff and organisations the time worked is the same day in and day out. So for this reason we have added the ability to turn on auto-completion of timesheets from scheduled hours.

When users have this option turned on then that users timesheet will automatically populate at the end of each day (midnight tenant time) the timesheet for that day based on the scheduled hours unless:

  • An approved leave already exists in which case the scheduled time will not auto-populate.
  • An tentative – non-approved leave exists in which case the scheduled time will not auto-populate.
  • A time entry for the day already exists in which case the scheduled time will not auto-complete.
The timesheet will populate all scheduled hours to the users master project only.
Once populated the timesheet can be edited as normal.
If the timesheet is submitted prior to the last day of the payrun period any remaining days on the timesheet will at time of submission be populated with scheduled hours however the same clash rules will still exist if time / leave exists on any of those days.
Note: For audit reasons a user will still need to Submit their timesheet at the end of the payrun period as per existing workflows and rules.

Master project button

To ensure the above functionality works we have added the ability to assign master projects to staff. Master projects must exist for auto completion of timesheet functionality to work.

More tiny little things

8.0.8 – Altered log out reset – now if you manually log out you will be taken back the to the user dashboard when you log in again not your last page.

8.0.9 – Improved error message when requests exceed balance limits for TOIL or RDO – Now when users make requests for TOIL or RDO that exceed the balance or negative limits the feedback they get tells them the problem rather than just an error message.

8.0.10 – Removed currency pre-fix from allowances – Even though elementTIME is multinational we figure your staff know what country they are in right – so we have removed the currency prefix from allowance amounts on the timesheets. Don’t worry they still show on the allowance reports.

8.0.11 – Fixed the bug preventing new pay locations from being created – We had to update a API service to bring through regions automatically, now we have done this users can create additional pay locations again. Yay (and sorry).