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How can I pay?

Payment is by credit card through our secure payment management system. If you are a government department you can contact us to arrange invoicing if required.

How long is the licence period?

One month. Or you can pay annually and receive access to additional consulting.

How often do we need to install patches and test for system breaks?

Never. That’s our job.

What's the deal with new functionality?

You get it and you can decide whether you want to use it. Unless it is a complete functionality set which might also require additional licencing.

I have a great idea. Will you add it?

Possibly. We’re pretty ruthless in making sure we only do what adds value, but if you have a suggestion you think is awesome we’d love to hear about it. We can put it up for vote and if enough users support it we’ll work on it.

I need to get my executive team on board. Can you help?

Of course we can – just drop us a line and we can discuss options. We can even help you put together a working demo with tailored scenarios and your very own data if that’s what you need.

What's the catch?

The catch? We don’t believe in catches and small print. There are no hidden costs or surprises.

Can we integrate other systems with yours?

Of course. Talk to us and we can discuss the best option for what you need. If we haven’t got a way to support the integration, we’ll build it.

How much do we have to pay for support and assistance?

We mean it when we say no hidden fees. Our help is free if you need it.

Otherwise it’s not really help is it.

Why are our other software and service providers not doing this?

I see what you are doing here – trying to get us started on our rant. They probably have many reasons. Maybe the better question is, are you allowing them not to?

Can we have access to our data?

YES. It’s YOUR data.

If you can’t access what you need, just let us know and we’ll help you out at no charge.

What happens if we don't like you?

We might cry a little, we hate to disappoint. But we want what is best for you, so if you want to leave we will support you in any way we can, including assistance in extracting any data or settings you need.

And when you come back we won’t judge – we’ll welcome you with open arms.

So what's the catch again?

No catch. Just software and support to enable you.

We want to import our existing data. Can we?

We’re working on a data import wizard so you can do this yourself, however at the moment you’ll need us for this. Just let us know and we’ll work out how to get you set up.

For large scale data migration you may need to purchase a one off data migration pack. Check out the pricing page for more information or drop us a line.

Can you offer full payroll processing?

Hmmm… Are you asking this because you have noticed all that clever functionality built into elementTIME?

elementTIME is a very smart time-sheeting and leave management solution. Does it do full payroll processing? No. But that’s a very interesting idea now isn’t it.

Can I refer other organisations and councils?

Of course. We will even credit your account for any successful sign up from your referral.

Do we need to go to tender to sign you up?

One of our core tenets is to reduce pain for clients, not add it. We hope that for the most part our pricing and licencing will mean you don’t need to go out to tender, however you should check with your procurement team if you are unsure (or contact us and we’ll do some research for you).

If you are required to or are thinking about going out to tender, we may not respond. Not because we don’t like competition but because we think, for the most part, existing procurement and tender processes reward companies best suited to deliver on the tender requirements and not the actual end project requirements. We keep our costs low and our support great by focusing our resources on our users and not staff completing paperwork.

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